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Welcome to the Exchange

Greetings.  The Exchange is a new gaming group currently forming that intends to participate in the development and play of the Ashes of Creation (AOC) on-line Multi-player game from Intrepid Studios (  The Latin motto translated means ‘money is the sinew of war’ (from Cicero).  As it suggests, the Exchange is centered around mercantile activity and sea trade.  We are a medium sized skill based organization with a membership cap of about 100 to 150 members.  Sorry, we do not accept alternate characters.  See for more detailed information.  The first iteration of our central locale during Ashes testing is likely near a coast for developing overland and seafaring caravans to gain experience.  We are new and forming now with the goal of an election of officers before launch.


Please feel free to scope this web site and review our unique departure from ‘vanilla’ guilds.  If you like what you see, then join us on Discord at the bottom of this page.  We are an NA server association.  We need experienced leaders and players.  Let’s navigate and grow with Ashes together!



Vision (Draft):  The Exchange is an association of MMO players that appreciate the resources and assistance provided by the classic guild structure, without all the hard-core expectation and trappings of the same.  The association was borne from the Ashes of Creation and will tailor itself to grow and develop alongside this MMO.  The association aligns itself with scientific then economic nodes to enable boat crafting, mariner skills, and trading growth.  Hence, we are a mariner centric association with a modicum of merchant 'know how.'


Up front, AOC is a Player versus Player (PVP) game.  Hence this is unavoidable, and each member works at base proficiency for one on one PVP combat.  Although not hard-core gamers, the association strives for well-rounded players who get together a few times per week to adventure for drops, quests, and rare components.  This is an all-inclusive association whose membership is secretive because we keep roles among ourselves, and avoid guild wars (squabbles) whenever possible.  Thus, allowing member’s fealty to their respective nodes.  We want to enable our members to play solo without 'guild' prejudice.  Although you may display the [EX] tag, please do not talk about or disclose information about your fellow association members.  Everyone will have a role in our skill-based association.  Whether gaming champion, association officer, uber crafter, or master at trade & sea faring -  Any one of us can play self reliant and stand on our own in adversity.    


Core Principles:  All our members are seen as equal based upon sincere effort.  We build each member to be fully capable in adventuring and trade-skill (from hunter gatherer to weapon-smith).  Trust is our watchword.  In banking, diplomacy, and battle – a character’s ‘handshake’ is our contract.  Those that intentionally seek to use the Exchange for selfish gain or evasion – need not apply (similar to evasive ban policy on AOC Discord).  We are a group that doesn't glom onto safety in numbers - we explore and the experience is richer. 

Arisean Alliance (Node Project):  We are a member of the Arisean Alliance.  Since we are a small niche mariner crafting / merchant association, it is advantageous to strike an accord with likeminded guilds with different capabilities.  A node project brings together guilds for their mutual benefit combining different skill sets.  Ultimately a node project selects a server and location to build a node to prominence for the good of its alliance members. See


Patron Deity - TBD.  























GUILD STRUCTURE:  'Long Live the Merchant Mariners!'   The Exchange has four elected and six appointed officers.  Three of the four officers are the council.  One is at large.  This council is the decision-making body of the association elected on an annual basis from its associate members.  The other six appointed officers are in charge of their areas of expertise.  The general membership hierarchy, in order from lowest to highest is associate, leader, and officer.  After the AOC launch, an applicant for membership must be at least level ten (10) in-game.  If the association is at maximum capacity (medium guild), we will announce and suspend new membership until there are openings.  All associates have the right to vote in elections and on referendums.


President – Is final authority in any decisions using ‘Robert’s Rules of Order.’  Provides guidance and vision to the association.  Consulted in any negative disciplinary decision of its members or foreign relations. The president is deposed if he resigns or goes ‘missing’ for more than 60 days, calling for a special election. 


Commander – Presides over all internal association gameplay.  Their appointed officers are the Captain of Navigators (Raids & Quests), the Master of Crafters, the Master of Processors, and the Master of Hunters & Gatherers.  Organizes and announces PVP and PVE raids.  Oversees strategic & selected caravan and seafaring protection orders as personnel availability and interest permits.  In charge of association NPCs.    


Ambassador – Presides over external association activities.  Their appointed officers are the Chief Moderator (on-line editor, secretary, and election administrator) and Chief Architect (professional IT developer).  The ambassador acts as the intermediary between Ashes of Creation officials, other ‘guilds,’ and the AOC community as a whole.  The ambassador has the authority of the President to make decisions within his purview. The Trade Emissary complements and works with the Ambassador.  

Trade Emissary (at large) – Has privileges to dispense association funds within reason for the growth, influence, and benefit thereof in consult with the Ambassador.  The Emissary provides a financial report (as the treasurer) twice in a year by Excel spreadsheet.  Responsibility to disburse profits to associate members in cycles.  Sponsors mercantile workshops.  Acts with the authority of the Ambassador within his purview.  As the officer at large, the emissary can fill the role of another respective officer in their absence.  


ASSOCIATION RULES (Draft):  Direct threats, personal attacks, and griefing (in-game) are not allowed.  Profanity should be kept to a minimum.  Associates represent themselves and are held accountable by all players in the community and Ashes of Creation moderators.  Other ‘guilds’ have little sway in discipline because our nature frowns upon arcane structure that purposely singles out tags to instigate drama.  Should an associate be timed-out, then both antagonists are given a cool down period (such as a day).  No grudges are allowed.  The Ambassador (officer) can refer extreme intentional mischievous cases to the ‘council’ to render any decisions in letting members go (withdraw by choice or kick).  However, members have a right to defend themselves, and any inappropriate behavior by the other party (complainant) in eliciting a response such as ‘soft trolling’ negates (in said referral) such a release.  It is understood that associates are at least 18 years of age, understand & agree with the rules posted on this website, and commit a primary AOC character to the Exchange.  Our members should avoid lodging frivolous complaints.

The association does not believe in or tolerate evasive behavior.  Members are not allowed to have other accounts in AOC for purposes of spying, sabotage, player stealing & coercion in other guilds.  Likewise, we do not tolerate those with allegiance to other guilds infiltrating our own.  We are not a 'feeder' guild.  Members that are evasive will be 'kicked' from the association given veracity.  Hence, the Exchange will be known on the server as an agnostic and neutral group that can be trusted in this regard.  All members & visitors shall be visible on the association's discord site.



General.  The President will alternate open general meetings with closed officer meetings every 30 days (subject to modification).  Election votes pass by simple majority & referendums pass by two-thirds majority.  The Chief Moderator as the Secretary will run the elections by secret ballot and shall not disclose member votes.  The President reserves their vote as the tie-breaker.  The elections are held in the month of December.

Gaming.  The Commander will host a monthly coordination meeting to organize and announce four raids (weekly interval) for PVX and four escort service (or list) missions. These activities will be published as 'pinned' on Discord under the respective text channel to include specific objectives and allow members to sign-up.  Guests may be invited to a raid as long as the raid leader(s) are notified in a timely manner respectively (subject to modification).  The Masters will likewise post a professional development day (mentoring or research activity related to Tradeskills) each month.  Example - week 1 hunter or gather, week 2 - boat crafting / siege weapons, week 3 - processing, week 4 - end item crafting. 

Finance & External Relations.  The Ambassador will host a meeting every three months to review communications and also update the Trade Emissary Profit Matrix.  The updated Profit Matrix TBP for member review.  Facilitate any financial transactions (subject to modification).  The Trade Emissary will sponsor one in-game mercantile activity per month to educate and enhance associates of their capabilities in the art of trade & in-game financial influence.  Example - members vote for a mayor:  An event that makes members aware of the importance of influence and virtual engagement.  Thank you for visiting.

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